Welcome To Rushmoor Mallards


We are a disability sports club based at Farnborough, Hampshire, offering a wide range of sports for people with any impairment and of any age, together with their friends and family.

We are always looking for new members and helpers, so do come along and check us out!

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Swimming was the Mallards first, and has proved historically to be its most successful, competitive sport. The Mallards have developed eleven international swimmers since the club's inception in 1974 - of these, no less than seven have represented Great Britain in the Paralympics, collecting between them a sizeable haul of medals of all colours. The two most successful have been Robin Surgeoner and Peter Hull, both of whom were awarded MBEs for their swimming achievements. Members are encouraged to obtain swimming achievement awards. and special coaching sessions are held from time-to-time in association with the Rushmoor Royals. There are a number of internal club and external inter-club galas, in which members are encouraged to participate, with the opportunity to compete, as in all other sports at the highest levels. The club also runs its own 'Fun Gala'. The Club is fortunate to have its own dedicated group of in-pool helpers and additional volunteers are always being sought to boost the number.

Sessions are very popular, and some coaching is available for all. Special kit is provided to assist those with the most severe impairments. There are also a number of external competitive events held during the year, for those who are interested.

Terms of Membership

1. Members who leave the club's designated areas are no longer covered by the club's policies and protection

2. Membership cards are to be shown as and when required

3. Members are required to pay any required fees

Enjoy practicing your favourite sport

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Play sport to improve your mood, boost your self-esteem and achieve your goals easier. If you are a member of a team, you know that you fight for a common goal with your teammates, coach and community members. In addition to this, team sports improve communication skills and help you get back in shape more efficiently. If you have declared war to extra kilos, you can lose weight in a healthy way by practicing sport or having workouts on a daily routine.

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Alex Rodrigues, Webmaster - webmaster@rushmoormallards.org.uk


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