Club Sessions

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Fridays 8pm to 10pm

Farnborough Leisure Centre



Farnborough Leisure Centre

The Farnborough Leisure Centre (01252 370411) is in West Mead, Farnborough, Hants. This is in the centre of Farnborough, near PC World, Asda, B&Q and adjacent to, but using a different approach road from, the Police Station and Library.

The Rugby Club is in Tile Barn Close, off Prospect Road, Farnborough


Don't know how to get there? Maps for both Farnborough Leisure Centre and the Rugby Club.

Our club also has a Code of Conduct

Please read

The Rushmoor Mallards Club is a charity that aims to provide a range of sporting and recreational activities that are suitable for people of all ages that have any form of disability. The Club also welcomes the disabled member’s friends and family.

Where a Club member is accompanied by a non-member whilst undertaking a Club activity, it is the member’s responsibility to ensure that the non-member is aware of, and follows, the rules that are set out in this document.

The Rushmoor Mallards Club is supported by several other organisations (such as Farnborough Leisure Centre, the Lions and Rotary clubs etc). These clubs may have additional codes of conduct that duplicate or enhance the rules laid out in this document